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Social Ongoing Projects

"Cleaning and conservation of all rivers of INDIA including Ganga" Objective A humble attempt to depict the agony of rivers to its alert sons. Social awareness for conservation and protection of water resources in the state.

Sensitive, Moral and Patriotic Young Generation Cultural Values Development Sunday School for Kids For Physical, Mental, Intellectual and Spiritual development of our future generation.Introduce children to human values and our rich cultural he

Awareness about Environment and health;Healthy Body - Pure Mind;Shriram Memorial Garden, Clean-Green and Healthy Environment;Dasa kupa samo vapi dasavapi samo hrida.Dasa hrida sama putra dasa putra samo druma.A step-well is equivalent to ten wells. A

India's Soul lives in villages. Formation of real India is possible through an Individual to Family, Family to Village & Village to Country. Our rich village culture of Cooperation & Coexistence has been spoiled by Global Culture penetration,

Search and Involve Healthy, Sensitive, Courteous Youngsters in aforesaid programs The biggest capital of any nation is its youth power. To make BHARAT a super power of the world, Yuva Prakosth of Gayatri Pariwar is carrying out the task of connecti

Disaster Management - Relief Rehabilitation

Recent Project Updates

Recent DM Updates

7 Movements called Sapt Kranti Running Across the Globe By Gayatri Pariwar

Health Movement

The Brahmvarchas Shodh Sansthan (Research Center), Haridwar has been conducting scientific experiments since more than a decade to investigate the effects of spiritual practices of Gayatri-Meditation on Physical and Mental well being. In this scientific study, the subjects (Experimental Group) were the trainees of the sadhana programmes/camps of spiritual refinement and personality development organized regularly at Shantikunj, Haridwar.

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De -addiction and Elimination of Malpractices

Under the reformative projects of Yug Nirman Yojna (Movement for the Reconstruction of the Era), All World Gayatri Pariwar has successfully worked in many parts of India towards eradication of blind faith, religious fundamentalism, addictions, insane customs like dowry, expensive marriages and funeral rites, etc. Mass awareness about these problems is created by the organization of large-scale Deep (lamp) Yagya s , religious functions and Pragya Puran Kathas (Narratio

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Women Awakening

Women’s education and cultural ascent are given impetus under this movement, so that the better half of the human society can play its role more efficiently and effectively. Several self-employment schemes under the self-reliance development programs of All World Gayatri Pariwar are women-oriented.

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Environment Protection

The huge industrial complexes, rapid urbanization, deforestation,  air and water pollution, ozone-depletion, radioactive wastes etc., have disturbed and destabilized the natural harmony of human, animal and plant life cycles. The ecological imbalance caused by these criminal acts of the so called ‘civilized man’ has resulted in a disastrous threat, not only to the human survival, but also to life as a whole on our planet.

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Education/Righteous Knowledge Movement

The program for Education focuses on both Shiksha and Vidya, i.e., ideal blending of moral refinement and intellectual development with school education. Param Poojya Gurudev Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya designed a new school-education syllabus, emphasizing the need of revising the existing system, to make it more rational, dynamic, relevant and useful in assuring a happy and bright future to the world.

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The one year swaavalamban vidyaa (self-reliance) course and training programs of self-reliant and moral education with spiritual refinement, offered by All World gayatri Pariwar at Gayatri Tapobhumi, Mathura, have been very successful in generating dedicated, disciplined and talented batches of young men and women, who are committed to altruist service for cultural elevation and global welfare.

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Self Refinement

Spiritual sadhana (self refinement) is practiced to attain self-awakening. The starting point of any sadhana is self - introspection. Understanding the falsity of our egocentric identity through introspection is the first essential prerequisite on the path of self-realization. It enables the sadhak to pinpoint the ignorance-bred negativities lodged in the depths of our psyche.

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Our Continuous Long Running Effort

This is a holistic education programme, teaching and then evaluting the student in moral, tulsidas cultural and ancient science and technology (On which entire modern science is based) of India.

A university committed to inculcate morality and values, which make its students good human beings and responsible citizens. It is based on the tenets of Indian Culture as envisaged by Pujya Gurudev Pt Shriram Sharma Acharya, the founder of Gayatri Pariwar, head quartered at Shantikunj, Haridwar...

100 Point Program for bringing heaven on earth & awakening divinity in human. For securing Good Health - arrangement by Individual, Colletive Errortsfor Improvement of Health,Increase Education - Abolish Illiteracy ..

Shantikunj host many training program for Spiritual Guidance, Art of Living, Art of Serving, Higher Spiritual Sadhana, Life Management, Social Movements, Elevating Conciousness, Training on Devotional & inspirational music, self reliant related training etc..

The latest Ashwamedha Gayatri MahaYagya is on 17th Jan 2014 @ Bangalor. It is a grand spiritual experiment to promote happiness, peace, and prosperity of the nation. It is being performed to purify the subtle atmosphere of the whole nation. Ashwa is the symbol of mobility, valour and strength. Medha is the symbol of supreme wisdom and intelligence. So Ashwamedha stands for the combination of valour and illumined intellect.

Online Spiritual Discussion using Skype. Unique way for collective Swadhyay and Santsang. Its running since 2007. Daily 5-6 groups covering timelines from Australia to USA.

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Send Mail to in case of questions.

Thought Revolution - Vichar Kranti Abhiyan is unique Movement for Refinement of people's thinking and positive orientation of mass psychology. The unique experiment of 'Vichar Kranti' - gradual refinement of thoughts, righteous transformation of attitude and sublime transmutation of human psychology up to the divine realms of spirituality is the foundation of this mission . The founder of the mission wrote about 3000 enlightening books on wide ranging topics.

Variety of Skill based development Workshop running by Dev Sanskriti Vishvadiyalaya for making self-reliance. Various 9 Days, 45 Days to 1 year Interprennure Programs like.

  • Free Training on Cow based products
  • NaturoPathy, PanchKarma, Paper Recycle Plant, Hath Kargha,..
  • Self Reliant

  • The Brahmvarchas Shodh Sansthan (Research Center), Haridwar has been conducting scientific experiments since more than a decade to investigate the effects of spiritual practices of Gayatri-Meditation on Physical and Mental well being. In this scientific study, the subjects (Experimental Group) were the trainees of the sadhana programmes/camps of spiritual refinement and personality development organized regularly at Shantikunj, Haridwar

    Success Stories

    गायत्री परिवार के कर्मठ एवं निष्ठावान कार्यकर्ताओं द्वारा पूरे देश एवं अन्य देशों में चलाये जा रहे पर्यावरणीय आंदोलनों में से एक है “ वृक्ष गंगा आंदोलन “। पर्यावरण के तीन मुख्य घटकों, जल जंग

    स्वच्छ अयोध्या हरित अयोध्या का संकल्प लेकर भगवान श्री राम की पावन जन्मभूमि अयोध्या में आदर्श ग्राम्य विकास के अंतर्गत ६ मई को सम्पूर्ण स्वच्छता अभियान चलाया गया। इस अभियान में नेपाल एवं उत

     गायत्री परिवार की मुलताई शाखा ने नर्मदा शुद्धिकरण अभियान की तर्ज पर ताप्ती शुद्धिकरण अभियान चलाया है । १८ नवम्बर को मुलताई के ताप्ती के उद्गम पर स्थित मंदिर पर विधि-विधान पूर्वक ताप्ती स्

    अखिल विश्व गायत्री परिवार के सामाजिक हितचिंतन एवं पर्यावरण परिक्षण के दर्शन दृष्टिगत , नेपाल के काठमांडौ शहर के गायत्री परिवार सदस्यों की पहल से वहाँ की स्थानीय नदी बागमती की स्वच्छता कार्

    गायत्री परिवार के संस्थापक युग ऋषि पंडित श्रीराम शर्मा आचार्यजी की जन्म शताब्दी के तहत नदीयो के शुद्धिकरण का महाअभियान संपूर्ण देश में चल रहा है। इसकी शुरुआत मध्यप्रदेश की जीवनदायिनी नदी

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