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Dr. Pranav Pandya

Worked as eminent Cardiologist. Honoured by NASA in 1996 as a distinguished scientist and reformer for worldwide dissemination of scientific aspects of spirituality ..... complete profile.
Shraddheya Shailbala Pandya, Managing Trustee
Embodiment of boundless love and affection for each and everyone, she is revered as Jiji by all. Hundreds of parijans come to Shantikunj, everyday to seek blessings of Gurusatta from her.
complete profile.
Regular Camps and Training Courses
offered in Shantikunj:

Spiritual Development Course (Sanjeewani Vidya Satra) , 9 days - Starts from 1st, 11th and 21st of every month.

Advance training course (Yug Shilpi), 1 month - Starts from 1st of every month.

Volunteers (Parivraajak), 3 months - Starts from 1st of every month.

Music (Sangeet) Course: 3 months course for proficiency in Sangeet (music).

Higher Level Spiritual Practice of awakening of inner energy, 5 days . - Commnece from November 2012

Personality Development Courses: Special training courses provided on request from a group/institutes.
Occasional trainings of Professionals - as per agreed schedule

Shantikunj has emerged over the years as a unique center and fountain-head of a global movement for the Transformation of the Era.

Situated in the vicinity of Holy Ganges -at the foothills of Himalayas, Shantikunj is a vibrant spiritual powerhouse, where practical guidance is given to make one's body, mind and inner-self healthy and elevated.




Ranging from Personality Development, Yoga, Health to Spiritual Enlightenment written by sage, visionary and reformer Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya. He translated the entire Vedic Vangmaya & accomplished a feat of writing more than 3000 books on all aspects of life.
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Akhand Jyoti Magazine Since 1940
Akhand Jyoti Hindi (since 1942), English (since 2003), Marathi (since 2008) and Yug Shakti Gujrati (since 1972) available to read, download...
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Scientific Spirituality

At a superficial level, the two streams of knowledge, Science and Spirituality, both aimed at finding the ultimate truth, appear to be contradicting and nullifying each other's principles..
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Indian Culture

Founded on sound spiritual, philosophical and scientific foundation the principles of Indian culture set the basis of ultimate evolution of the conscious faculties of humanity. Read More on Scriptures (Veda, Dharshan), Yoga, Ayurveda and fundamental philosophy in Indian Culture..
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