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The Amazing Potentials of Human Mind

People with negative, debased or criminal mentality pro life rate their vices and infirmities among those influenced by their company and produce many more like them.

The impressive (pure) thoughts of great personalities and saintly and eminent thinkers on the contrary generate an ambiance of positive and elevating thoughts and help ideal molding of the characters of their disciples and also inspire others in their mental vicinity.

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The Amazing Potentials of Human Mind  

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हिन्दी आलेख् व किताबे मानव मस्तिष्क के चमत्कार के उपर

मानवी मस्तिष्क विलक्षणताओं का जखीरा

मानव - मस्तिष्क छोटी सी खोपड़ी, पर है चमत्कारी

मस्तिष्क उद्वेगग्रस्त न होनें दें

चमत्कारिक शक्तियों का स्रोत मस्तिष्क

मस्तिष्क एक जादुई पिटारा

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