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7 Movements - SaptKranti

  All World Gayatri Pariwar is devoted to cultural, ethical, moral and spiritual awakening of the masses. Development of divinity in mankind is its foremost goal and avowed objective. To accomplish this goal it is working on the following seven programs.

1. Self Refinement     साधना आन्दोलन           2. Health स्वास्थ्य आन्दोलन  

3. Education शिक्षा आन्दोलन                          4. Self Reliance   स्वावलम्बन आन्दोलन

5. Environment Protection पर्यावरण आन्दोलन      

6. Women Empowerment and Awakening नारी जागरण आन्दोलन   

7. Deliverance from addictions and Eradication of evil customs व्यसन मुक्ति, कुरीति उन्मूलन आन्दोलन

The structure and system of human society plays a major role in creation of ideal circumstances for happy and prosperous life on the earth. The convictions, traditions and customs of a social system influence the way of life of majority of its people…. It is a general tendency of human mind to adapt to the existing circumstances and contemporary customs and follow whatever appears to be acceptable as the majority opinion. If a social system is founded on high ideals of humanity and has maintained certain principles and values based on prudence rather than by rigidity, the mental setup of its members would also be molded accordingly and add to the multifaceted development of that society and its cultural elevation. 

Mutual respect, co-operating and peaceful coexistence, sharing of pains and happiness, equality of justice, feelings of sacrifice for noble causes and devotion to selfless service - among the people, are the fundamental requirements for generation of what could be designated as a ” divine society ”. Annals of human history show that whenever such virtuous tendencies pervade in the social environment , heavenly conditions of life are bestowed upon the society. Acharya Sharma has envisaged the advent of such an ideally civilized, cultured and divinely prosperous human society in the new era where selfishness would be completely wiped out by altruist sentiments and every part of our planet will be transformed into paradise of eternal beauty…. The present volume sketches his optimism and ideas on the possibilities of turning this ’Utopia’ into reality….

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