Privacy Practices Karmakand Bhaskar app

Privacy Notice: Karmakand Bhaskar app


All World Gayatri Pariwar (AWGP) and its Sister subsidiaries such as Vedmata Gayatri Trust (VGT), is committed to respect your privacy and choices while using our Karmakand Bhaskar app.

Following statements highlight our privacy practices and information about our app`s social compatibility.

  1. What personal information do we collect from the Karmakand Bhaskar app? 

    1. Karmakand Bhaskar is a free app with the sole purpose of serving humanity. Hence we do not ask for any information nor do we collect any information.

  2. Are there any Advertisements within the app?

    1. Karmakand Bhaskar app  is not-for-profit, therefore there is no payment and there are no advertisements either.

  3. Is there any Third party endorsement or Links?

    1. We do not offer any third party products, third party services or third party links or any such popups on Karmakand Bhaskar app. 

    2. Links are provided only for our own other apps in Google Play Store. 

  4. Use of cookies.

    1. Karmakand Bhaskar app does not create or  store any cookies.

    2. Karmakand Bhaskar app does not use any cookies. 

  5. Service Providers 

    1. We do not employ any third party companies

    2. We do not employ any individuals to facilitate Karmakand Bhaskar app ("Service Providers") or any of services therein.

  6. Is Karmakand Bhaskar app applicable for all s?

    1. Yes Karmakand Bhaskar app is fully usable by all ages, genders etc. and doesn`t contain anything sexual, violent , suggestive etc. material.

    2. If anything about Karmakand Bhaskar apps is concerning, please contact us via with subject line "Karmakand Bhaskar app issues" and provide proper navigation and details.

  7. What about cultural consideration?

    1. Users of Karmakand Bhaskar app receive enhanced information about old eastern traditions which aids in self improvement.

    2. Karmakand Bhaskar app helps users understand and help follow natural laws that govern ecosystems on basic principles of “live and let live”.

  8. Can the Karmakand Bhaskar app be utilized in any country/region?

    1. Users with knowledge and understanding of Indian language Hindi regardless of physical location with interest in learning about old methods as advised by sages of old times can freely utilize Karmakand Bhaskar app.

  9. Is Karmakand Bhaskar app family compliant ?

    1. Yes it is. Karmakand Bhaskar app is fully family appropriate for all ages. 

    2. There are no questionable contents whatsoever. 

    3. If you still have concern about anything specific, please let us know via with subject line "Karmakand Bhaskar app issues" and provide details.

  10. Who to contact if any offending content is identified?

    1. While every precaution is taken, If users of Karmakand Bhaskar app find offending content, please send an email to with a navigation path and details.

  11. Updates to this privacy statement 

    1. We keep reviewing our privacy policy periodically. If you still find anything disturbing, please contact us on with subject line "Karmakand Bhaskar app issues" and details of concerns.

  12. Contacting Us 

    1. If there are any questions regarding this privacy policy you may contact us via the following mail with subject line “Karmakand Bhaskar app issues” and concerns.

  13. PS: All email messages will be responded within Five to Seven days.

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