Discriminatory Wisdom

The greatest success in life is to attain discriminatory wisdom. When one develops the ability to differentiate between the genuine and the sham, good and bad, one becomes aware about the real and true aim of life. With the awakening of the power of discrimination, one gets rid of worries, sorrows, fear, apprehension, attachment, loss etc., which are all created due to ignorance.

The aspiration to trade the path of righteousness and develop discriminatory wisdom creates an ever expanding vibration in the universal realm which attracts and assimilates waves of righteous thoughts, emotions and inspirations pervading the subtle atmosphere. The magnetic power of thoughts is well-known. Thoughts attract thoughts of similar kind. Powerful eternal thoughts start accumulating spontaneously as a divine boon and the accumulated capital of such thoughts goes on increasing.

The effect of this influx of righteousness in the body and mind is amazing. This is not visible to the naked eye nor can it be understood from purely physical point of view. But those who are endowed with the occult knowledge of the working of the inner being know it well that decrease in the elements of tam and raj and increase in sat is almost similar to the steady process of elimination of disease producing toxins, viruses and germs from the body and replacing them with health-giving rejuvenating cells.

Other people are also benefited by the virtues thus cultivated like service-mindedness, politeness, generosity, philanthropy, honesty, benevolence etc. and there is no apprehension of any harm being done to anybody by him. The result is that out of gratitude for his unconditional service people become his admirers, friends and defenders. On account of this mutual goodwill, life becomes exceedingly blissful.

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