Intensity of Thoughts

'Thoughts' of animals are nothing but mental instincts pertaining to the sustenance of their gross body; these instincts are usually weak and short-lived and are educed as per the Nature's arrangement for their food, growth, reproduction, defense etc. But the force of human emotions, desires, thinking, mental sensitivity, convictions, faith, determination, etc is immeasurably powerful and profound. The nature and degree of this force varies among humans as per their intrinsic character and intensity of their thoughts. Most people today live an extrovert life generally revolving around sensual pleasures, instinctive joys and satisfaction of ego in one form or the other. Therefore, their thought waves are also feeble and dispersed in general. It is the strength of the inner self and the concentration of radiant thoughts that generates intense and powerful thought waves.

Ability of thoughts

 All of the infinitely many kinds of thought waves floating in the subliminal layers of the cosmic expansion may touch every mental body at some point of time, but attract or influence only those that are sensitive or receptive to them or have compatible nature. Unstable (agile), dormant and weak minds do not have any firm tuning and are therefore easily influenced by any kind of thought-waves that have strong force of attraction.

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