Think Positive

Every moment of human life is intensely interwoven with thoughts. The key of the ascent or degeneration of one’s life lies in his thoughts. The frequency-range and cosmic expansion of the thought waves is said to be much higher than that of the electromagnetic waves.
How the evil, the divine, or the intermediate level thought wave would influence one’s mind depends upon the nature of the latter’s ideosphere, his vital energy and the intensity of the currents of conscious force associated with the thought waves. Similar kinds of thought waves make dense clusters. Conjugation of the resonant clusters of thought waves with the eternal power of pr³ña (the source of vital energy) generates the flow of thoughts. Because of the compounded flow, the velocity and charge (impact) of these currents of thought waves is amplified exponentially.
People with greater strength of the inner self and elevated levels of pr³ña can attract and influence many others by the aura of their vital energy and the enthralling force of their thoughts. This is how they can effectively lead and shape the mass movements. This influence could be positive and constructive or it could be untoward and damaging. History has witnessed how the inspiring thoughts of great personalities have saved the human dignity and made the destiny of the masses by altruist movements. There also exist historical examples of dictators like Hitler, Mussolini, etc whose cruel and negative thinking had misguided many and blown the society in the dreadful fire of hatred, discrimination and wars….
The body of a person emits an aura as per the intrinsic level of the triguñas (Sat – Raj – Tam ) in his personality. Kirilian Photography could record the variation in the colors and intensity of this aura with respect to the quality of one’s thoughts and emotional currents, to some extent. Studies of people’s auras reveal that likewise the fingerprints, the aura of a person is also unique. The aura of strong characters can influence the people having weaker mental and vital strength. The thought waves also constitute an aura, which has subliminal and visible (by Kirilian recording) domains.
The dense clusters of the cruel and untoward thoughts pertaining to lust, hatred, ego, jealous, revenge, etc, emit dirty black aura while those of fear and anxiety possess brown shadows. The color of the aura reflected by the thought waves of pure love and affection is recorded to be bright red, whereas that of sexually charged love and attraction is brownish red. The thought waves driven by self-esteem and ambition constitute bright orange, those of intellectual trenchancy coupled with inner piety emit yellow color in the aura. The thought waves emerging from spiritual illumination reflect brilliant light blue color in the aura. The vision and analysis of the subliminal aura of thoughts or the ideosphere is possible only by the yogis who are endowed with extrasensory powers and whose acumen has a reach in the deeper depths of human mind.
The great yogis possessing pierce vision of the ideosphere can read one’s thoughts, decipher his nature by looking at the aura around him. They can view the shadows of the aura around the human body without any instrument. The yogis who have attained higher realms of spirituality also possess the extrasensory potential to influence others’ thoughts, and vibrate and illuminate people’s ideospheres by the radiance of their immense willpower….
With the ever new discoveries on the bio electricity and sensory potentials of the human body, the scientists had begun to accept the effect of positive thinking on human body, which is an arcane electromagnetic instrument –that emit and attract thoughts and sentiments to and from anywhere in the cosmos.

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