Thoughts -Source of immense power

It is true that a being, independent of the body, lives through a body. At the moment of death, when life departs from the body, there is no change in the apparent physiology of the body. Nevertheless, the dead body immediately starts to decay and to putrefy emitting foul smell

Sitting near the fire warms and protects us even in harsh winter. Fire spreads the heat in its surrounding area. That way, our body also has heat in it. The heat inside could be experienced in the expired breath. The clothes we wear also become warm by the heat of the body. This effect is more noticeable during winter by touching the clothes that we are going to wear and the ones we cast-off. Wearing woolen clothes in winter protects the emission of body's heat outside and thus helps keeping the body at normal temperature. The body-system also possesses many other kinds of energies in it. But most prominent, intense and radiant of the powers a human being is endowed with is the thought-power.

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