Shape your own destiny

We might find arguments in our defense and justify putting the blames on others and the circumstances, for our misery and flaws. This may only give us momentary satisfaction, but would not solve the problem or improve the situation any further. The reality in essence is that –– we alone are responsible for the state of our life. Whatever be our favorable or troubling circumstances today, these are the outcomes of our own good or bad karmas. Indeed one’s destiny is shaped by his own conduct, his own actions in the present or the past lives.
This absolute fact of destiny is explained in the Upanishads as – “Human mind alone is the principle cause and means of all thraldom and sufferings and also of blissful salvation in human life. No enemy is more dangerous than the maligned and astray mind. It is also true that there is no friend, no mentor better than the enlightened mind”.

Complaining of infirmities, adversities, fate all along, and living an enslaved, maligned, chaotic life, facing its abrupt end with agonizing regret…. Is this all man is destined for? Is there no way out from the entangled illusions, perversion, straying, and blind race? The rishi-munis, the visionary sages, refer the delusions and... See More

A spider weaves a web through the liquid secreted from her mouth; she gets trapped into it and entangles more in her desperate struggle to come out; she succeeds only when she herself gulps it back. A man too creates the web of attachments, untoward actions and effects and sufferings... See More

As far as divine grace is concerned, it is subliminally present for every one. However, it is bestowed only upon those who help themselves, who initiate the endeavors of refining and improving their life on their own. It is said that chance favours only the prepared mind. It is more... See More

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