Value System and Social Life

The paramount distinction of the Vedic culture is its spiritual attitude towards life and the world. Deciphering the sublime root-element of the material existence rather than analyzing just its gross structure and properties; realization of the higher and deeper realms of eternity, continuity and incessant purity of life far above its mortal, momentary, physical manifestation; experience of the cosmic, the collective, rather than the individual consciousness; have been the basis of this Vedic culture. It was only on this land that research on the Sublime Transcendent and Cosmic Force governing all the powers and activities of Nature was initiated and pursued to the ultimate depths. This Cosmic Force is regarded absolute, preeminent and supreme in our Darshan shastras (philosophical literature). Although there could be differences in its interpretations, explanations, and styles of expression, all our ancient literature, philosophies, science, arts and sadhana procedures, etc, revolve around this Eternal Truth. This is what has been the focus and ultimate aim of the genesis and expansion of the grand knowledge and unparalleled developments of the Vedic Age.

Our talents of yore were not so well off materialistically because they had not given prime importance to it over the infinite wealth of the inner world. The penny-less sages and sadhu-sanyasis were given more importance and honour than the mighty kings. A rishi, an ascetic yogi is considered far more dignified and prestigious in our culture than the worldly resourceful, affluent dignitaries. This is why our country has gifted such a rich galaxy of great sages, seers, saints and savants to the world. It has produced great men and women, who saved the world from malice and division and sowed the seeds of love and integration for mankind; they taught and propagated the message of peace and co-existence against conflict, violence, cutthroat competition and savagery. Therefore, the world still regards India as the torchbearer of light of truth. The global prestige and respect of India is mainly because of its spiritual foundations and deeply insightful philosophy and science of spirituality.

That spirituality was the core of the Vedic way of life does not mean that we had neglected or looked down upon healthy progress in the worldly pursuits. Our history bears witness to the fact that our religion, our science, our archaeology, our sculpture, our architecture, our astronomy, our mathematics, our arts, our commerce, trade, economy, etc were all at the top of the world and this had made fundamental contributions to the growth and enrichment of human civilization and culture.

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