What is rishi tradition

1.Vishvamitra - The power of GayatrI Mahamantra according to the tradition of Vishvamitra Risi and to establish a Siddha Gayatri Tirtha.
2.Vyas - To write books and eighteen volumes of Pragya Puran.
3.Patanjali : To extend the science and philosophy of yog-sadhana.
4.Parashuram- To build up an atmosphere of refined and ennobling vibrations by eradicating evil tendencies from the minds of the people.
5.Charak- To conduct scientific research and popularise use of medicinal herbs.
6.Yagyavalkya : To heal and set right mental disorders by holistic treatments of yagyopathy.
7.Jamadagni: To establish Sadhanct-Aravyaks for promoting the growth of goodness and character building .
8.Narada: To lead wandering life of a religious mendicant (parivrajak) with the aim of imparting true knowledge and guidance for the spread of religious and spiritual consciousness .
9.Aryabhatta : To provide guidance through the medium of ethics to the administrative set-up .
10.Shankaracharya : To build up Pragya sansthans at different places.
11.Pippalada : To promote all-round health with the help of proper dieting (char-kaipa).
12.Soot-Shounik : To convene Pragya sammelans from place to place for educating the masses ..

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