Therapeutic benefits of Meditation

• Meditation creates a unique hypo metabolic state, in which the metabolism is in an even deeper state of rest than during sleep.
• During sleep, oxygen consumption drops by 8 percent, but during meditation, it drops by 10 to 20 percent.

• Meditation is the only activity that reduces blood lactate, a marker of stress and anxiety.

Some of the achievements of meditation are :
 •    Enhanced memory
 •    Muscular relaxation
 •    Mental equipoise
 •    Inner calmness
 •    Increased awareness
 •    Cheerfulness all the time
 •    Disappearance of jealousy – lust and other vices
 •    Behavioural modification

The Effect of Recitation of Mantra with Meditation :

According to the science of acoustics, the patterns of sound waves produced by each of the twenty-four letters of the Gayatri Mantra are very special and their combined effect is a source of immense energy.

Significantly, the nerves connected with the components of vocal cord, tongue, palate and fingers used in the japa have more than 60 % representation in the cerebral cortex. The bioelectrical currents generated by the excitation of the nerve cells complete one “neuronal cycle” per recitation and activate the brain with fresh energy.

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