Stage 1

Pure Bliss is inherent in the very nature of the Soul. Man instinctively endeavors to interact with this internal source of happiness. That is why everyone desires to be happy. In the absence of the correct means and wisdom required for attaining lasting happiness, man resorts to quench this natural intrinsic thirst for happiness in the outer objective world by indulging in mundane, perverted sensory pleasures of the flesh. If he, somehow, has even a fleeting taste of the bliss inherent in the true Self, would he run here and there chasing the mirage of happiness?

Dear reader! You must be reading these lines with the same expectations and excitement, which a traveler feels on receiving a letter from his dear ones after a long period of absence from home. Such reaction itself is sufficient to indicate that man is ever eager to know the reality of his true Self. - Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya

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