Stage 4

Till now, an attempt has been made to introduce the seeker to his Inner-Self and to various faculties of the mind covering it.  Now first try to understand the interrelationship between the individual Soul (Aham) and the Supreme Soul (Parmatma) i.e. God. As a matter of fact, the Aham of embodied beings is an inseparable portion of that Supreme Being. Basically there is no difference between the two. Thus understood, the individual Self has a far wider connotation - encompassing the whole manifestation and even beyond.

Similarly, Aham is impregnated with the cosmic energies of the Divine. Individual Soul (Aham) is being cared for and nourished by the Supreme Divine like a foetus in the mother's womb. The seeker's Sadhana ultimately culminates into an experience of unity of the individual Soul (Aham) and the Absolute Soul (Parmatma). Then will arise that state of awareness, which the Yogis describe as So- Hum i.e. I AM THAT (the Absolute Being).

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