Source of eternal bliss

Once having a glimpse of the true Self, the seeker can never return to the confines of the old narrow perspective of self. In common human life in each moment, there is a lurking worry and fear of a possible disaster. Man is in desperate search of a perennial source of happiness, but he is seeking it outside of himself - in possessions, pelf, power and relations. When one dying of thirst in a desert finds an oasis of cool water, would one ever think of returning to the wasteland of scorching sand?

'Yadgatva Na Nivartate Taddham Parmam Mam' proclaims the Divine Teacher in Bhagwadgita. It means, 'Having experienced the bliss of Self -realization who would like to come back for suffering mundane worldly woes?' Having reached the destination, the question of losing direction does not arise. Does one forget the way back to home after homecoming?

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