Self Review

There are four standards of self-review(atmasamiksha):-
  • self-restraint of organs(indriyasanyam).
  • self-restraint of time.
  • self-restraint of money.
  • self-restraint of thoughts.
It should be examined that there is no violation in respect of any of these restraints.Tongue should not be allowed to eat forbidden materials and speak uncultured language.Sexuality, amorousness has to be avoided. Self-restraint of organs is an unfailing remedy for maintaining physical and mental health.

Restraint of time implies best utilization of every moment. Not a single moment should be spent in laziness,carelessness, addictions, vices, etc. Full alertness has to be exercised to secure and safeguard best utilization of time.Time alone is life.

Third one is self-restraint of money. Money should be earned by hard honest work. none should resort to dishonest and other's parasitic earnings. Everyone should lead life of an average citizen and adopt the policy of "simple living, high thinking." It is foolishness to spend anything in amorous playfulness and show. Money should not be misspent on evil traditions. Only those who spend money with far-sighted wisdom and apply a part of savings in philanthropic pursuits get the credit of amassing wealth of sacredness and 

Fourth is self-restraint of thoughts. Mind thinks every moment. Far-sighted wisdom should be appointed as a guard to watch so that thoughts may not be absurd, scattered and immoral. It should be assigned the job of defeating evil thoughts by good thoughts and replace crude thoughts by constructive ones. Thought is greatest power of man. It materialises in the form of action. Circumstances too, are creations of one's thought. Constructive thoughts get the credit of making human life kalp-vriksha (a mythological tree supposed to grant all desires). Keeping this in view, mind should always be kept engaged in high level constructive thoughts.

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