Yagyopathy for Mental Treatment

Apart from the significant physical and medical applications like purification of the environment, curing bodily ailments and augmenting vitality and physical potentials, yagyopathy is also found to be of immense use in treatment of psychosomatic disorders and psychological and psychiatric problems. The domain of mental ailments, though invisible is much wider and intense than those of the varieties of bodily diseases. Almost the entire human society is suffering from these in one form or the other. The roots of over 90% of the somatic diseases too lie in the hidden folds of the patient’s mind. Confusion, illusion, fear, suspicion, fury, excitement, whimsical attitude, etc are common mental deficiencies that are often found in most of us to some extent. If left unchecked, their persistence and silent growth turn an otherwise normal fellow into a sort of cranky or ‘halfmad’ one. Depression, insomnia, and varieties of puzzling psychiatric cases and insanity are more painful than the bodily sufferings. Accidie, aboulia, amnesia, dullness, inefficiency, etc are offshoots of mental illness of some other kinds that lead to sufferings like poverty, backwardness, insult, negligence, scorn etc.   

The gamut of psychological and psychiatric ailments appears to have grown many-fold in the recent times. In spite of advancement of medical sciences and technologies, there is no effective remedy for any kind of mental problem or deficiency. Pain-killers, tranquilizers, steroids are tried frequently for somehow giving some kind of ‘relief’. Soon their ‘magical’ effect is lost and puts the patient in greater mental (and also physical) suffering. The current practice of giving carbon dioxide based therapy and electrical shocks in case of psychiatric disorder are also far from being effective and scientifically perfect. Here again the side-effects owe high risk.  The treasure of scriptural knowledge and the results of experimental studies on yagyopathy offer it as a light of hope with great potentials for mental treatment and enlightenment.  

The sublimated vital elements and herbal medicines inhaled in Yagya first reach the brain and then to the lungs and other parts – the gross as well as the subtle components, of the body. Thus, it has a direct healing effect on brain-born diseases and complexities. The body absorbs the heat of its sacrificial fire and inhales – through the skin-pores and respiration – the vapors of sublimated herbs. This elevates the level of free radicals – antioxidants, and negative ions and thus upon reaching the brain and the nerves eliminates the major cause of mental tensions. The specific energy currents educed by yagyagni and mantra sakti have significant remedial effect on the disorders and diseases ranging from headache, migraine, cold to mental dullness, intellectual deficiencies, depressions, insomnia, intemperance, epilepsy, psezophrania and varieties of manias.     

The unique impact of mantra sakti in yagyopathy is of paramount importance. The configurations of special syllables in mantra and the vedic patterns of chanting them during Yagya are derived from absolute research (by the rishis) on the deeper sciences of - gross and subliminal sonic vibrations, music and consciousness. The collective chanting of mantras in adept rhythm in front of yagyagni magnifies the mantra-sakti exponentially and expands the mantra-vibrations to unlimited heights in all dimensions.  The superimposition of sound waves generates immense power in ordinary case too; there are many familiar examples that illustrate this fact in day-to-day life. The soldiers are advised to disrupt their march-fast while walking over a bridge; else, the vibrations produced by their joint footsteps would shake and might even break the bridge.  The synchronized tunes of sound can break a glass cup; at greater intensities it can even quiver and crack the mountains. The explosive sound of dynamite often creates a tremor like vibrations in distant areas too. Such loud sounds in the nearby places are also found to cause abortions and sudden heart failures. The shrilling sound of a bugle kills the microorganisms on its way. The special tune of siren sparks new courage and enthusiasm in the hearts of warriors.  The magical effects of music in increasing one’s potentials and creative talents and its therapeutic applications are also well known.    

The power of sound in mantras is far more refined, intense and deep. Apart from the gross impact of the specific patterns of sonic waves generated by mantras, the mantra-sakti is also endowed with the limitless subliminal force of the spiritually enlightened consciousness of the sadhakas and yajakas.  This spiritual effect is intensified by the purity of the mind and heart, devout determination and sraddha of the latter.  The esoteric science of mantras was so advanced in the times of yore that mantras were used as weapons and missiles; in transmutation of a sick and dying body into a youthful, strong one. Mantras used to effectuate timely materialization of the curses and boons of the rishis and great sadhakas who had attained mastery in this supernatural science.     
The Yagya-energy induces unique force in expanding the effect of mantra-sakti almost instantaneously. The modern science affirms three basic streams of energy indwelling in Nature – sound, heat and light. Of these, the velocity of heat and light is unimaginably greater than that of sound. In the process of Yagya, the natural conjugation of the enormous heat and Yagya-energy with mantra-sakti and the collision of the superimposed sonic waves of collective mantra chanting with the quivering flames of the yagyagni induce infinite speed and amplification of the mantra-sakti and help it expand up to cosmic domains in feasible time.      
Soft voice of a person is amplified and made audible to thousands of people around and at distant places with the help of loudspeakers via the power of electrical energy. The electromagnetic power enables the voice of a person reach every corner of the globe through the wireless radio signals. Television enables such transmission of photographs and three-dimensional images too. Similarly, the energy of yagyagni works like the ‘amplifier’ and ‘transmitter’ for the sonic waves of mantra.  The mantra sakti expressed by the spiritually purified voice of the sadhakas (yajakas) thus works like a Sabdabhedi Baña and induces intense impact deep inside the minds of people participating in the Yagya. Its divine vibrations spun a sublime aura of spiritual and sonic energy in the distant surroundings too and generate a unique ambience of blissful enlightenment and peace.   

The splendid compounding of mantra sakti, Yagya-energy and intrinsic determination of the awakened inner self of the yajakas during the process of Yagya erects a sublime furnace… that melts and evaporates the vices of the participants. It burns out their insidious instincts, evil tendencies, other mental weaknesses and aberrations including – erogenous passions, excitements, anger, jealous, hatred, fear, anxiety, whims, tensions, etc and refines and calms down their minds. Simultaneous with this refinement, there is a compensating energizing, elevation and molding of their mental body that enable enlightened development of their personality and arousal of their hidden talents and brilliance. Yagyopathy offered by accomplished sadhakas and experienced yatis thus appears to be offering the elixir for total health.         


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