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Yoga & Holistic Health

Health is a natural facet of liveliness - both by definition and realization. The ancient Indians had attributed the secret of ”jivem shardah shatam” - hundred years of vigorous, health y, happy and creative life - to the total harmony of the mode of living with the Nature and the spiritual inheritance of life .

Their approach was focused primarily on the science of consciousness and dealt with the awakening and harmonious use of the vital power ( pran shakti ) in auto-regulation of the body functions rather than controlling it by adjusting the (bio)chemical reactions and physiological activities as is largely practiced in the modern sciences of medicine.

After about two centuries of dominance of Allopathic and related approaches of medical treatment, its limitations and incompleteness are by and large being felt by people from all sections of the society. Now the reductionist approach to health is giving way to a more comprehensive holistic approach in which the mind , body and soul relationship is getting more and more prominent. 

Global Gayatri Pariwar had inspired research on collective as well as separate effects of the influence of mental therapy, yoga- sadhana s of asana , pranayam and meditation, herbal or plant medicines, …. etc,  in the Brahmvarchas research center at Shantikunj , Hardwar in 1979.

Pioneering work on unique therapies like yagyopathy and mantra- therapy has been done here. Even some otherwise ’ incurable ’ diseases have been cured by these therapies.

Ayurveda , the ancient Indian medical - science is believed to be the oldest repository of diagnostic, pharmaceutical and therapeutic knowledge. This Vedic science draws upon an integral approach to health care by considering the physical, mental and deep emotional well being simultaneously. It encompasses thorough knowledge of the Adhibhautik (physical, pertaining to the gross body), Adhidaivik (mental, emotional and pranic, pertaining to the subtle body) and Adhyatmik (spiritual, pertaining to the astral body) aspects of health . No other branch of ancient or modern disciplines of medical sciences, perhaps, has such deep and expanded foundations as Ayurveda has. This ancient science of medicine enfolds the secrets of youth ful longevity and is therefore also referred as a comprehensive science of happy and hearty life . The preventive and remedial measures derived under Ayurveda deal with multidimensional complexities and problems of human life and provide solutions in perfect harmony with Nature.

Please refer the Health Tips: Your Health Guidelines from Ayurveda for achieving total health in the present times.

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