Gayatri Ashwamedha is a grand spiritual experiment to promote happiness, peace, and prosperity of the nation. It is being performed to purify the subtle atmosphere of the whole nation. It is aimed to awaken the dormant intellectual genius of the masses. The awakened human Medha will help reform the society and the methods of its governance and would transform this earth into a heaven.

With Ashwa as the symbol of mobility, valour and strength and the ‘medha’ as the symbol of supreme wisdom and intelligence, the natural meaning of Ashwamedha is – “combination of valour and strength and illumined power of intellect”.

Ashwa is the symbol of muscle power and medha is the symbol of mental strength and their combination makes a great, sacred deed of yagna. It is the combination of illumined thinking power and dedicated selfless endeavours that may create an ideal society and nation. This is the reason,why the making of a nation has been called Ashwmedha.

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