Recent Trend-Setting Research:

Brahmvarchas Research centre, Shantikunj Haridwar and its allied university, the Dev Sanskriti Vishwa Vidyalaya have promoted path-breaking research in different areas of Scientific Spirituality with a focus on applied aspects. The major projects include: Scientific Validation and Innovative Experimentation on some Ancient Sciences; Deeper investigations in Psychology and Yoga incorporating spiritual, clinical and social aspects.   

About Brahmavarchas Research Centre

The Brahmvarchas Shodha Sansthan, the research center of Shantikunj, Hardwar was established by Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya in 1979. It is situated at the Saptsarover road about 5 kilometers away from the Hardwar station in the direction of Rishikesh in India. 
This center is dedicated to the integration of the modern and ancient sciences in a practical way aimed at the noble goal of health and happiness for all. Innovative scientific research aimed at grass root applications is being carried out here in the ancient sciences in an enliven collaboration with relevant modern sciences. Major areas of research include – Ayurveda and Yagnopathy, Total Psychology, The Science of Mantra and its Therapeutic Applications, Mantra, Yoga, Sadhana, and the Science of Spirituality, etc. 
This center houses well equipped laboratories of Haemetology, Biochemistry, Neurophysiology, Cardiology, Phytochemistry, Psychometry, Yagyopathy etc. Apart from its own team of doctors, engineers, scientists and philosophers, the center has live interaction with the Hospital, Ayurvedic Pharmacy and Yoga Labs of Shantikunj, some of the Hospitals and Universities in and around Hardwar. Distinguished researchers, professors and other experts also visit the center regularly.

The center has been conducting scientific experiments to investigate the effects of Ayurveda  & Herbal Medicine, Yog Sadhana, Yagya, Gayatri-Sadhana and  Panch Karma, on different bodily and mental functions. The subjects (experimental and the control groups) are the trainees of the sadhana programmes/camps of spiritual refinement and personality development organized regularly at Shantikunj, Hardwar. The courses are of one month and three months duration and these are open to people from all walks of the society without any discrimination of caste, religion, gender etc. 

This report presents the results of rigorous statistical analysis of about three thousands five hundred observations on different Clinical parameters of the trainees of  sadhana course.

Major areas of research:

• Ayurveda and Herbal Science
• Yagyopathy 
• Indian Culture and Psychology 
• Life Management (Stress, Time & Thought Management)  
• The Science of Mantra and its Therapeutic Applications 
• The Philosophy and Science of Yoga 
• Science of Spirituality 
• Panch Karma Therapy
• Complimentary and Alternative Medicine- Pranic Healing, Reiki, Acupressure

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