Rousing Mental Potential

Training the Human Brain :
Until the last century, extraordinary intelligence and talents were generally attributed to one's good fortune or divine blessings... Scientific investigations into brain-functions and human psychology have now revealed that such ‘fortunes’ and acumen could be awaken to a great extent by systematic training and endeavors because the brain of every human is endowed with enormous potentials.
Training the mind of an individual becomes difficult and attempts of rousingits hidden potentials may be impossible, if he is trapped under the vicious cycle of the malice of ego, arrogance and unchecked ambitions with or with out the harmful tendencies of lethargy, despair, aggressive impatience, etc or alcoholic, erogenous and similar addictions..... The mingling of these thraldom's could be broken only if one has an internal desire and strong will power to do so.
Tools and Techniques :
Auto-suggestion, sats.{a}ga swadhyaya and creativity coupled with healthy recreation offer best remedies in depleting the negative tendencies of mind and associated addictions. One should get rid of the inferiority complexes or the feelings of the weaknesses of his mind. If even animals could be made change their natural habits and machines like the computers could be taught then whynot a human - the most evolved organism, endowed with so many boons of the mother nature....?
Austerity of living habits, optimistic thinking, stability and purity of mind and emotions and creative industriousness are the preliminary requirements if one wants to progress further in refining his talents. Intensive training and assiduity with unsheltered interest and concentration of mind in a selected area do set the clock in motion and gradually elevated associated intellectual potentials.
Sharp memory supports learning and intellectual development of mind. It has therefore been given primary importance in most of the training methods,including those of the spiritual sadhanas. It is highlighted here that,trenchancy of memory is not always a divine boon or inherited fortune, rather,it could be aroused in every one who adopts a serene, disciplined and balanced mode of life.
The practices of prañayama and dhyana-dharaña are integral parts of the initial phase of spiritual sadhanas. Prañayama harmonizes the breathing pattern and triggers maximum supply of oxygen and vital energy to the brain. The scientists of Illinois university and the University of Oregon had conducted series of experiments on breathing habits. They had observed that the children who were not used to deep breathing had lesser memory and intelligence than those in the same age group who used to inhale more oxygen at a regular pace. The effect was more prominent in the elders.
As the rigidity of nerve-walls increases with age, the free circulation of blood and its supply to the brain reduces significantly. More regular supply of oxygen in larger amounts is therefore required to maintain normal functioning of the brain. The practice of prañayama maintains this supply harmoniously and thus prevents a major cause of lack of memory. Special kinds of prañayamas also help activate long-term memory and empower the mental activities.
Mental stress or tension severally harms mental creativity. According to aneurologist, Dr. David Heraldfick, forcing the mind to focus on something might increase mental tension. Mental concentration should therefore be intensified in a naturally soothing manner at a steady pace. The practices of dhyana - dharañacreate compatible effects of this sort.
An aspirant may select any one of the prescribed sadhanas which he find seasiest to perform and which also suits his nature. During these practices, the bio-electrical impulses inside the brain are found to be occurring in a harmonized pattern.
By little practice every day and with sincerity, one begins to correctlyperform these sadhanas after some days.... Gradually intensifying the level and duration of dhyana helps stabilize the mind in a calm state, enhance mental concentration and ameliorate all brain potentials including memory and intelligence.


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