Awakening of Kundalini by Gayatri Sadhana

There are several organs (energy centers ) in the human body. These extra-ordinary organs are vulnerable and delicate, as they are vital    centers of dormant spiritual energies. If they are awakened, a person can be transformed. He can be flooded with such marvellous divine energies that people will stand amazed before his presence.

Spine is the foundation and the spinal cord encased within it is the main vital part of the body. Spine consists of thirty-three small disc-like bones known as vertebrae which contains divine energies. The spinal cord represents thirty-three deities, because the powers which are centred in them are found within these thirty-three vertebrae. The powers of eight Vasus, twelve Adityas, eleven Rudras, Indra and Prajapati are found in seed form in the spinal-cord, which is enclosed in the spine.

According to physiology:- there are several channels in this hollow spinal-cord, three of which, namely, Ida, Pingla and Sushumna, are the main ones. They cannot be seen by the naked eye because they have no physical form and are related to the subtle world. In fact, this is like invisible flow of electric current. Electricity is produced when positive and negative currents meet. Ida is called negative or Chandra Nadi and Pingla is called positive or Surya Nadi. Broadly speaking, they can be called cold and hot currents. When both these currents meet, a third current, known as Sushumna is produced. Ganga and Yamuna meet in Prayag. By this conjunction a third invisible (subtle) current, which is known as Saraswati, is formed. The confluence of these three rivers is known as Triveni. In the spinal cord also, the meeting of Ida and Pingla creates the third current Sushumna and this is known as Triveni in spiritual terms. This Triveni is connected to the top center of the brain, known as Brahmarandhra or Sahasra Kamal, at one end , and to the base of the spine in the middle of the genital area at the other end.

Three subtle currents, which are known as Vajra, Chittrani and Brahamnadi  flow in Sushumna. Just as by cutting the stem of a plantain tree one finds layers of bark one after the other, so also there is Vajra inside Sushumna Chitrani inside Vajra and Brahamnadi  inside Chitrani. This Brahamnadi is the vital point and center of divine energy and there are layers, one after the other, over it meant for its protection.

When this Brahamnadi  reaches the top of the head in brahmarandhra it spreads all-around in thousands of branches. This portion is known as sahasradal Kamal (Lotus flower having a thousand petals). In ornamental language it has been described as Vishnu’s bed of Sheshnag (thousand-headed cobra). In the statues and pictures of incarnations like Buddha, a special cluster of curly hair can be noticed on their head. This is nothing but an artistic picturisation of SahasradalKamal which is connected to subtle energies pervading the universe. Sound waves are thrown and picked up from the space by the filaments of radio transmitters.

SahasrarKamal is just like an aerial / antennae of brain. It picks up infinite energy waves of the Omniscient God from the invisible subtle cosmos. When a hungry python awakens, it takes a deep breath and by its terrific power attracts into its grip, birds flying in the sky and swallows them. Similarly, sheshnag, with its thousands-hooded head, which is also known as Sahasrar Kamal, attracts divine powers from the infinite space. Just as hissing of an angry python makes the surrounding atmosphere poisonous to a certain extent, a person with an enlightened Sahasrar Kamal (brain) emits strong waves of emotions which can influence living beings not only in this but also in other worlds. American broadcasts relayed by a powerful trans meter can be heard in India. The flow of emotional currents from a powerful Sahasrar can move the subtle layers of this world as well as other realms.

Coming now to the lower end, Brahamnadi  which is subtle-most in Sushumna, coils around a hexagonal blackish atom at the end of the spinal cord. To fasten a thatched roof, holes are made in the wall and the roof is tied with pegs by rope. In the same way by fastening Brahamnadi  with the hexagonal blackish atom, arrangement has been made to fasten the human body with the vital energy of Pran.

In ornamental language this hexagonal atom has been described as koorma because it resembles a tortoise. According to koorma-puran, this earth rests on God in the form of Koorma. According to another story, the earth rests on the hood of Sheshnag. The basis of this story is that shape of Brahamnadi  coiled around the koorma, sustaining life. If Brahamnadi  abandons its base, human life will come to an end, instantly.

The location of interlocking of Brahamnadi  with koorma is known, in spiritual language as Kundalini. It coils three and half times around the koorma with its mouth downwards. It is for this reason that in marriage ceremony the couple takes three and half or four rounds, with their head bowed down, because the sound foundation of building future life of the couple is as important as the meeting of Brahamnadi  with koorma of Kundalini is essential in uniting the body with the Pran.

It almost amounts to groping in darkness to understand perfectly the importance, power and utility of Kundalini. Atom has become a great puzzle these days for the research scholars of physics. The world has seen the miracle of the process of breaking it in the form of devastating atom bomb. Several of its other catastrophic and constructive aspects are yet to be discovered. According to sir Arthur, “nothing will remain impossible for man if he happens to have full knowledge about the atomic power and its use. He will be able to turn the Sun into pieces and transform it into dust particles and will be able to create objects or living beings in an arbitrary manner. He will have such mechanical devices with him, with the help of which this earth will become a global village. Any  person will be able to go anywhere within a moment and will take from or give anything to anybody. He will be able to talk with persons living in distant countries as if two friends are sitting and gossiping together.” When the power of an atom of inert matter is so great and so amazing it is difficult to imagine how far more powerful a spark of Pran (vital energy)is?

There are descriptions and evidence about Yogis possessing amazing powers. Several tales are told about almost unbelievable divine powers (Siddhis) of Yogis. But there is no question of any disbelief and astonishment for persons who are familiar with the power of an inert atom as well of sparks of Pran (vital energy). Just as scientists of every country today are busy in doing research on physical atom, the spiritual scientists, rishis who had realized the truth, had conducted deep research in ancient times on living atoms in human body in seed form. Kundalini center is the most suitable location for breaking and uniting two living atoms and for transforming them, because living (Chaitanya) atoms at all other places in the body are round and smooth, whereas in Kundalini this pair clings together. In uranium and plutonium the interlocking of atoms is in an oblique, irregular manner so that their breaking-up is easy as compared to the atoms of other metals. In the same manner it is easier to regulate the movement of living atoms located in Kundalini, according to one’s desire. Research about Kundalini was, done with the same precision in ancient times as scientists are doing these days in respect of material atoms. As a result of these researches  Rishis had discovered several secret laws of super-nature which are known today as miracles of Yoga.

Madame Blavatsky had undertaken considerable research in respect of the power of Kundalini. According to her, “Kundalini is an all-pervading subtle electric power, more powerful than physical electricity. Its movement is oblique like that of a serpent and so its shape is said to be like a serpent. The speed of light is one Lac eighty-five thousand miles per second but that of Kundalini is three Lac forty-five miles per second.” Western scientists call it as “spirit-fire” or “serpental-power”. Sir John Woodroff has done a detailed analysis in this respect.

Kundalini can be called a deeply buried trove of secret energies. For keeping valuable jewellery a safe is kept hidden in an unknown place and it is locked by several locks so that the wealth kept in it may not be touched by any unauthorized persons. The keys of these locks are entrusted to competent persons who alone can, in case of necessity open them and have access to its contents.

The locks which are put on Kundalini are known as six Chakras. Human soul reaches the Kundalini after penetrating through these Chakras. Then alone can it master the hidden energy and derive benefit from it. Ordinarily, Kundalini of all the people remains dormant in a helter-skelter manner. But when it is awakened it leaves its place and seeks an entry into that lok (realm) which is the store house of spiritual powers. There are several huge treasures hidden under the ground since times immemorial. A serpent sits in a serpentine pose on the mouth of these treasures and guards them. Dev-lok also is a similar treasure on the mouth of which there is a hexagonal stone (Koorma-shila) around which this dreadly serpent, Kundalini is coiling. This Sarpini sits waiting for a deserving person to uncoil it. As soon as such a person reaches close to it, instead of harming or obstructing him, it gives way to him and its function ends here.

While throwing light on the advantages of awakening Kundalini an experienced Sadhak has written that, “by the grace of Bhagwati Kundalini the Sadhak becomes endowed with all the virtues. He attains all the skills and divine powers (Siddhis) without making any effort. Such a person remains perfectly healthy and strong even when he is one hundred years old. He devotes his life in the service of the Almighty God and ultimately leaves his body voluntarily according to the will of God, while doing service to humanity. A person possessing the power of Kundalini is completely fearless and lives happily. Bhagwati showers full grace on him and he always feels Her patronage and protection. Mother’s voice, “don’t be afraid, I am standing behind you”, always echoes in his ears. There is no doubt that by the influence of Kundalini, a person’s vision becomes divine and he becomes all-powerful and happy.”

Sahastradal lying scattered in the brain (brahmarandhra), also normally remains dormant like Kundalini. Despite having such priceless equipments and treasures, man ordinarily remains poor, weak, mean and insignificant and leads a life like an insect by becoming slave of sensuousness and lust fulness. But when he gets acquainted with these equipment and treasures, knows how to use them wisely and exercises control over them, he inherits all the competence and powers of Almighty God. Yoga-Shastras are full of interesting and detailed discussions about the advantages of awakening Kundalini. Everything in the world can be attained by awakening the power of Kundalini. Nothing remains unattainable for a person so awakened.

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