Higher spiritual practice of Gayatri

The scriptures prescribe that Gayatri should be worshipped thrice daily during Trikal Sandhaya  in the morning, at noon and in the evening. It is all the more beneficial if Jap, worship, meditation and contemplation of Gayatri is done even more intensively. But for specific purposes, when more energy is required to be generated, specific performance which is known as Anusthan is done. When long journey is proposed to be undertaken, special food and adequate money are kept for being used in transit. Anusthan, similarly is like journey expenses. When this energy capital is accumulated, Sadhak’s journey through life, whether in mundane or spiritual pursuit, becomes easier and smoother.

When a tiger pounces upon a deer or a cat attacks a mouse or a heron attacks a fish, they pause for a moment, stop breathing, move back a little, and sharpen all their inner faculties and then charge suddenly on their prey. An athlete in high or long jump, stops for a moment, moves back a little and then leaps up or forward. A wrestler also takes a counter-move and suddenly changes his strategy. A marksman has also to do the same thing before shooting. In Anusthan, same thing has to be done on spiritual level. If any calamity has to be averted or some success achieved it is done by performance of Anusthan.

The baby cries ‘ma-ma’ and loving conversation between him and his mother goes on throughout the day, But when due to some emergency the child cries loudly and bitterly his mother abandons all work, rushes and attends to the child. Anushtan  is such an emergency call of Sadhak which has specific force and magnetism in it. The Sadhak, thereby, attracts within him, the extraordinary energy of Gayatri.

When human endeavour fails, there is no way out to avert a crisis. Darkness prevails all-around, the future appears grimly dark, circumstances become menacingly adverse. In such a plight, it is but natural to become nervous. The intellect of such a worried and dejected person does not work properly. A pigeon caught in a net is entrapped more and more when it flutters to get out of it. On such occasions, the name of God is the only strength. Draupadi, Narsi, Prahlad etc. had to call upon Divine help in a state of utter helplessness. When human efforts fail, the entire situation is changed by divine intervention. The intense dark night of calamity suddenly disappears with the out-break of Light and a person is able to see the right path. Anusthan erupts in the heart in the form of light which enlightens the path.

Extra-ordinary relief is obtained by Gayatri Anusthan in worldly difficulties, mental disturbance and internal restlessness. No doubt, Gayatri does not literally give the Sadhak a golden treasure. But it is also true that by its influence fundamental positive changes take place in human attitude and mentality which make it possible to find appropriate solutions to difficulties. Appropriate intelligence, wisdom and far-sightedness are intuitively revealed to the Sadhak to enable him to surmount the special difficulties and challenges faced by him. Some irrelevant way ward thoughts, desires and cravings overpower a person having a confused  mind on account of which he remains unhappy for no reason. Gayatri Sadhana cleanses the mind in such a way that things which formerly appeared to be crucially important appear to be insubstantial and trivial. Such internal changes take place by Anushtan on account of which an unhappy, worried and harassed person suddenly finds himself uplifted into a state of peace, harmony and joy.

Jap of 1,25,000 Mantras is known as Anusthan. There are certain conditions for a thing to attain maturity. Pulse, vegetables, bricks, glass etc. require to be heated upto a particular temperature. Fruits take their own time to ripen. Eggs need specific time for hatching. A baby takes its due time in mother’s womb before birth. Premature action in all such matters results in complications and failure. In Anusthan, performance of Jap of 1,25,000 Mantras in the prescribed period culminates in desired fulfillment.

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