Gayatri Mantra

A person can proceed rapidly on the path of soul growth and self realization through devotion of the Goddess Gayatri the supreme creative energy of the divine. It endows its devotee with true wisdom. A subtle, uninterrupted current of divine energy starts flowing through the inner being of the devotee, cleansing his intellect, mind and emotions of the perverse, perverted and dark thoughts, feelings and desires.

The effect of sincere and steadfast Gayatri Sadhana is swift and miraculous in purifying, harmonizing and steadying the mind and thus establishing unshakable inner peace and a sense of joy filled calm even in the face of grave trials and tribulations in the outer life of the Sadhak. 

Gayatri Sadhana bestows extra-ordinary benefits on the devotees. The Sadhana of Gayatri is worship of supreme Knowledge. It is experience of Gurudev (Pt Sriram Sharma Acharya) and firm belief that those who worship Gayatri will never be lacking in spiritual enlightenment and worldly happiness.

Rishis have selected the words of various Mantras and arranged them in such a way that they not only convey some meaning but their chanting also creates specific energies. Gayatri is a mantra which inspires righteous wisdom. It means that the Almighty God may illuminate our intellect, which may lead... See More

The masters of Mantra Vidya know that words are uttered by different parts of the mouth such as, throat (larynx), tongue, teeth, lips and the root of the tongue. During speech, the nerve-fibers of the particular parts of the mouth from which sound emits stretch upto different parts of the... See More

Gayatri mantra is considered as the most important and sacred among the mantras . The material and spiritual benefits that it bestows are immense. Yet it is a pity that the educated persons of today do not realize its supreme importance. In fact, a sort of vertical split is witnessed... See More

The Mantra of Vedmata Gayatri, consisting of twenty-four letters, is very small but it contains an ocean of infinite knowledge. The knowledge underlying it is so profound and allen compassing that if a person understands it properly and brings it into practice,he can make his present as well as future... See More

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