Knowledge in Gayatri Mantra

The Mantra of Vedmata Gayatri, consisting of twenty-four letters, is very small but it contains an ocean of infinite knowledge. The knowledge underlying it is so profound and allen compassing that if a person understands it properly and brings it into practice,he can make his present as well as future life truly happy and peaceful.

The message of Gayatriis most meaningful both from spiritual as well as material point of view. If it is well understood and contem­plated upon, it manifests itself as a source of perennial fountain of true wisdom. The meaning of Gayatri Mantra, in brief, is given below in the form of Gayatri-Geeta


Meaning :-"Om is the best, holiest, sacred, worth meditating upon and highest name of God whom the Vedas have described as just,impartial, formless, Sachidanand Sarveshwar, the blissful Master spirit of the universe."... See More

Meaning:-"Munis (saints) call Fran (life energy)as Bhooha. It indwells uniformly all the living beings. This proves that all living beings are alike. Man should, therefore, consider all human beings and other living beings like himself".... See More

Meaning :-"The elimination of all sufferings in the world is known as Bhuvaha. All work should be done with a sense of duty. People who work without expectation of any reward in return always remain happy."... See More

Explanation :- Confronted with uncertain circumstances, man often becomes restless on account of sorrow, suffering,anger, malice, poverty, disappointment, worry, fear etc. and thus loses his mental equilibrium. On the other hand in favorable circumstances he gets puffed up with ego, arrogance, impertinence; assumes an air of self-exalta­tion,squanders money and starts behaving... See More

Meaning :- "The word tat indicates that he alone is wise and free of fear and attachment in this world, who understands the mystery of life and death."... See More

Meaning:- "The word Savita suggests that man should be strong like the Sun and believe that all the objects and experiences of life relate to one's own soul."... See More

Meaning :- The word vareniyam indicates that every man should al­ways strive far greatness and excellence. A man attains excellence by seeing, contemplating, thinking about and doing excellent deeds.... See More

Meaning :- The word Bhargo suggests that man should become sinless. He should be on his guard to avoid sins. He should abhor sins and struggle hard to eliminate them, keeping in view their evil results.... See More

Meaning :- The word devasya signifies that manwho is physically mortal can attain immortality or divinity. A man createsheaven within him as well as outside by cultivating godlike qualities, byserving all living beings, by doing benevolent deeds and by extending help tothe weak .... See More

Meaning :- Dheemahi implies that we should cultivate and activate within us all dormant divine energies. Vedas proclaim that without so doing, a man cannot attain peace.... See More

Meaning :- Dhiyo indicates that a wise man shouldponder profoundly and make an in-depth study of Ved-Shastras and extract theires­sence, like butter from milk, because truth can be known only by purifiedintellect.... See More

Meaning:- The word "Yonaha" means that we should utilize minimum of our talents and resources for our own use and utilize the rest self­lessly for the benefit of the weak and the needy.... See More

Meaning :- "Prachodyaf' means that man should inspire himself and others to follow the path of truth. Learned people call such work as true righteousness.... See More

Meaning :- "Any person who rightly understandsthis Gayatri-Geeta gets rid of all sufferings and always remains happy."... See More

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