Vayu Purana

The sages asked reverend Sootaji about the place, time, type etc of the first mahayagya. Whatever Sootaji said, in an answer to this question, is described in the second chapter in the first part of “Vayu Purana”, as follows

The creator in the primordial state (i.e. before the actual creation of this universe), performed the sacred yagya for thousands of years with an aim to create this world. In this mahayagya, indeed Tapa (penance) was Yajman and Brahmaji Himself was Brahma of the yagya. In this long and grand yagy of great souls, the ‘Nemi’ (wheel) of Dharma revolved so much that it shattered and hence that area which was worshipped by the sages and saints, was named as Naimisaranya.

The fourth sloka in the first chapter in first skandha of Bhagwat says —

Naimise ninisiksetre —sayah saunkadayah|

Satra swargaya lokaya sahastra samamasat||

Meaning Once upon a time, 88000 sages including Shaunak performed a 10,000 years long mahayagya in the sacred area of Naimisaranya, with a desire to achieve Heaven. It is the sacred effect of these yagyas that this area is supposed to be sacred even today.

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