Scientific Aspects of Yagya

There are two basic energy systems in the physical world: Heat and Sound. In performing Yagya, these two energies, namely, the heat from Yagya’s fire and the sound of the Gayatri and other Mantras, are combined to achieve the desired physical, psychological and spiritual benefits.

The fumigation of specific substances in the Yagya - fire is a scientific method of subtulisation of matter into energy and expanding its potential and positive effects in the surrounding atmosphere. The electromagnetic waves generated thereby help in transmitting, at cosmic level, the desired sonic signals ‘stored’ in the Mantras, which are chanted during the process of sacrificing the special materials in the fire.

In order to get an idea of the various chemical changes which take place, it is essential to know the various substances offered in Yagya. (A) Wood: Wood has to be dry and free from dust, insects and worms. The wood is cut into small sticks of varying... See More

At the outset, it can be said that the interpretation of process of combustion in a Yagya in a physical scientific terms is rather difficult due to the following reasons:(i) The properties of substances which are used are vastly varying;(ii) The conditions under which combustion takes place remain unspecified. The... See More

The word ‘pyramid’ means the fire in the middle’. This ancient-word meaning for pyramid is closely connected with the inexplicable energies emanating from its central shape. The pyramid shape is widely experienced to generate and store a special energy field, which possess bacteriostatic properties. The inverted pyramid shape of the... See More

The power of sound vibrations is long since acknowledged in the field of science. These vibrations can penetrate the energy spheres at the subtle and cosmic levels. All the alphabets of the Sanskrit language are endowed with special vibrational powers, which set out harmonious wave patterns when pronounced. It... See More

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