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Divine Message of Vedas

Veda means Supreme Knowledge. (1) Rigveda (2) Yajurved (3) Atharvaved   (4) Samved   are four branches of knowledge.

(1) Rigveda : Spiritual well being and fulfillment, self realization, peace of mind , Brahma-Nirvana, dutifulness, love,Tapas, compassion, beneficence, generosity, service etc., fall under Rigved.
(2) Yajurved Generosity, valor, courage, gallantry, self defense, leadership, fame, victory, power, dignity etc., fall under Yajurved.
(3) Samved : Samved deals with games, sports, amusement, recreation, music, arts, literature, sensual enjoyment ,beauty, harmony, poetic imagery dynamism, refined taste, gratification etc.
(4) Atharva Veda : Wealth, prosperity, accumulation of money and resources, medicines, food grains, materials, metals, buildings, vehicles, animals and similar other materials of worldly well being fall within the purview of Atharva Veda.
If the subtle and material, internal and external activities and imaginations of any living being are seriously and scientifically examined, it will appear that its entire consciousness moves within these four spheres.The current of knowledge of all living-beings flows only in the four directions of (1) Rik-spiritual well being and fulfillment ,(2) Yaju- val-our, (3) Sam- enjoyment, and (4) Atharva- prosperity. Rik is also known as righteousness, Yajur as liberation (Moksha), Sam as sensual pleasure (Kam) and Atharva as prosperity (Arth).

The differences in interpretation of the Vedas are not a present day phenomenon only. It used to happen in ancient times also. Modern scholars have revealed the original aim of the Vedas by analyzing the Vedic mantras, and have represented in very clear and easily understandable form the core knowledge, advice and the principles of truth enshrined in them, so that even an ordinary reader can understand and benefit from them. In the below given books the essence of selected richas (stanzas) with explanations from an impartial view and with proper aims.

Veds Divine Message Part I-Brahmanism
Veds Divine Message Part II-Spiritual Power
Veds Divine Message Part III-Character Formation
Veds Divine Message Part IV-Eradication of Evil Activities
Veds Divine Message Part V-Family and Health
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Read Darshan:-> (1) Vedant Darshan (2) Sankhyayog Darshan (3) Yog Darshan

The basic axiom behind all successes in the world is tremendous will-power. Based on its strength only learning, wealth and gadgets are produced. This is the support on which spiritual tapasya(penances) and sadhana s are dependent. This is that divine strength by which, the man who is born empty handed. dazzles the world by becoming rich and powerful. Those. who make their will power very strong and then try for progress & success in life , will never be unsuccessful nor disappointed.
- Pt. Sriram Sharma Acharya
All our problems can be solved by the Indian culture and the Indian way of thinking. The government can protect your rights but it cannot control the thought process which is the root - cause of all your happiness and misery. This can be achieved by spiritual upliftment only.
The Indian Culture alone has the real strength to turn man into a true human being. It teaches us that man is born to love man and certainly not for quarreling and fighting. - Bhagwati Devi Sharma

Vedas are the eternal utterances of God , the Supreme Father. Through the Vedas we get the best type of material and spiritual knowledge. Regular study of the Vedas keeps us away from sins and increases hope and joy in life . Makin life peaceful, the Vedas take us away from the bad path and lead to the good path and make life peaceful and pure. Whenever the mind gets disturbed, Vedas alert us and also guide us.
The reader is requested to read this book with faith, think deeply on its contents and become determined to go ahead on the path of duty.

The Vedas are books on material as well as spiritual knowledge. Because their language is very ancient and not well-known, differences have been found among learned persons regarding their interpretation, but there is absolutely no doubt that high-level spiritual principles. learning, arts and practical knowledge are contained in them. Since all this knowledge has been given very concisely in the form of Sutras or axioms in one of two stanzas, all the readers are not able to understand their aims immediately, but on the basis of the richas , the learned ones have created great books of large size on spiritualism which have been providing inspiration and guidance for thousands of years to the spiritual seekers who want to progress on the path of excellence.
The aim and guidance obtained from the Vedas prove beneficial and uplifting to every human being.
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