The origin of thoughts

The thought-power and willpower are generated in the mind. Numerous mind boggling examples of the immensity and trenchancy of these mental powers are available in the history of mankind. Paragons are born by awakening of these hidden sources of inner force. Many demonstrations of willpower are recorded in different parts of the world; some are even entered in the Guinness Book of World Records; these often appear astonishing to the masses. While most of us might have experienced willpower as the strength of determination, only few would know that thought-power and willpower are manifestations of the same subliminal force of the higher mind and are implicitly the same. Mental concentration is an effect as well as a generator of this power. Every impulse of focused mind is also a refection of this power. Enlightened and deep thoughts are more evolved expressions of this power, which is also regarded by the modern researchers of metaphysics and parapsychology as a source for deciphering the extrasensory psychic force.

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